Hello there, my name is Ellie, I’m northern California raised, lover of all things magic, admirer of the arts, animal lover, human rights activist with a strong entrepreneurial spirit on the side...


When I was a little girl my aunt owned the original “Earth Central“ in Loomis, Ca for almost 20 years.. It was a shop full of magic, from floor to ceiling, you would walk in and be transported to another world a world filled with wonder & curiosity, we spent our days playing dress up, drinking tea & reading tarotWhen the opportunity arose to open a shop of my own I knew I wanted to pay homage to that wondrous space I had the privilege of growing up in. Thus Earth Central Artisans Hub was born. I love sharing the creations of Artisans from all over the world in my little shop of magical desires, making wonderful new friends along the way. With each new artist that graces my shop, I am affirmed that this is exactly where and what I am supposed to be doing. 

If you are ever in the area please stop by my brick & mortar shop in Nevada City, California, welcoming all walks of life to our Hub!

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417 Broad St, Suite A

Nevada City, CA